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Pharmacist user

Student - Graduate &PharmD

Enjoy Practical & Informative Virtual Training inside 3 different environments with mentors and challenges in a game like simulations.

Meet up many patient characters and 1ry physicians in each level to give them proper consultations and take important clinical decisions as an expert pharmacist.


Don't worry, your chosen mentor will guide you and teach you by interactive learning methods, The needed Guidelines and advice choices, so you will always find the right answers.

No more training problems, you will find 3 different Virtual Pharmacies in 3d design where you can move through their parts and collect medications. All medications are in 3d shape with the information you need to know about each. The more you learn, the more score is calculated for you through the level.

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4.2 Rating


It's the best. I have been using it to enhance my pharmacy knowledge
Lennie Bitok
Such a nice app being a pharmacist, it's a helpful tool as lots of new learnings during game.  pharmacy works and guidelines
Nilesh Bhati
Wow. We want the new update as soon as possible ♥️♥️

Hossam Ahmed

Open- international accredited playability wherever you are


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