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Build your simulation lab

Our state-of-science-art pharmacy simulation lab empowers your institution with necessary skills and experience your students need to become successful pharmacists.  With the help of Pharmlator desktop app, Your institution can build a full simulation lab to simulate the real-life pharmacy setting, allowing the multiple pharmacy practices to be run and tracked by your staff. Be assured that sufficient interaction and valuable experience gained in a safe and secure environment for each student.



By leveraging the power of desktop simulations, we allow your institution to install Pharmlator program directly to your  lab PCs and  laptops, to be moderated and used by your stuff as  a modern, attractive, educational tool.



Apply for lab accounts

Apply for specific number of lab accounts created specially for your institution.

 Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best quote to start your experience.

Lab accounts are for multiple users and you will be guaranteed the licence for that usage upon request!



Start the simulation

Our user-friendly platform is available on both mobile and desktop. With Pharmlator desktop app teach, track and train your students using innovative way to learn and practice pharmacy skills in few steps of setup. No need for special software installation!

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Give your students the training they are dreaming of and follow their progress from one app.


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Please fill out this form and our team will contact you to arrange a suitable quote for your organisation and better training simulation for your students.

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