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Pharmacy Training simulations 

International accreditation with 100 CPD credit hours


Join +70K pharmacist using Pharmlator
196 Pharmacy institutions using simulations

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Our Customers in 2024!

Pharmlator is used in university of Central Punjab as a training simulation tool to pharmacy students that covers community and hospital pharmacy training

Professor   Huma Hameed, professor at faculty of pharmaceutical science University of Central  Punjab

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About Pharmlator

Your Source for Pharmacy Training Simulation

Pharmlator is trusted by +70 thousand pharmacists all over the world to give them the training simulations they needed to become professional and confident in dealing with patients.

Use Pharmlator  and get international CPD certificates with 100 credit hrs you can use and share on your social media 

Our Games

  Download and enjoy the Virtual Training Simulations with Pharmlator mobile app today and get 3 certificates with 100 CPD credit training hours.

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Fundamental levels

Simulate the community pharmacy practice with guidance and counselling procedure in 3D pharmacy with real packaging and wide range of patients. Don't miss the bonus levels and your international 20 credit hr certificate  

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Advanced levels

Simulations take place in bigger pharmacy. Trainee will deal with patient's e-files, consultation area and explore more medication information. The cosmetic section is a spectacular part as a trainee will help different patients to choose suitable products. Complete these levels and earn your international 30 credit hr certificate.

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New Simulations, New experience

70 Simulations & more than 1000 drug information 

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professional levels

Trainee is now a member of the hospital medical staff. As a hospital pharmacist, your intervention is mandatory to adjust, change or monitor some doses and review the patient's file. Amulatory, oncology or outpatient pharmacist role is simulated in this 3D pharmacy. Complete these levels and proudly get international 50 credit hr certificate.

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Get in on Google Play
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Interactive Simulations

Pharmlator training features are attractive than before. Explore more actions in your virtual pharmacy that simulate exactly a real pharmacy in more informative and mentored way.

Are you Educational Institution? 

Give your students the training simulation experience they are dreaming about that can be tracked, assessed and reviewed by your institution.

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Are you a product representative?

Make your pharmaceutical product, cosmetic items or medical equipment displayed to Thousands of pharmacist so they will know every detail about it. You can promote your product in many ways inside Pharmlator. follow the link to know more.

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Pharmaceutical Ecosystem Services

Trainees will connect with Job Providers, Educational Hubs, Events Announcements, Pharmaceutical Newsletters and more inside The Pharmlator.

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Job portal

Trainee will see the offered real jobs in the local area and can apply to it.

The job provider can see the job applicants progress and make them real offers.


Newsletter portal

Trainee will be UpToDate with Events announcements, Webinars, job fairs, medical items, new products and Pharmaceutical news in this section.

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