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We Are Pharmlator

We're creating the best in interactive educational pharmacy training by making game-like simulations that change the way pharmacists learn and develop skills.


Dear pharmacist, No more struggle to find a place for your training. Pharmlator provide 3 types of virtual 3D pharmacies with all what you need from knowledge, drug data base, medication packages and information,

This is a great interactive simulation to your daily work and training activity from prescription handling, checking, OTC counselling and patient guidance.  You will be trained in all sectors and categories a pharmacist can dream of pharmacist in a community pharmacy, pharmacist in chain pharmacy, Hospital pharmacist, Oncology pharmacist, Cosmetic expert pharmacist, life saver pharmacist in some emergencies, and more.


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Most professional bodies provide individuals with annual Continuing Professional Development requirements, normally set as a number of CPD hours. These CPD hours are obtained by completing appropriate training courses, online and eLearning, seminars, workshops, conferences and events. CPD hours are sometimes converted to points, units or credits. Pharmlator provide user 100 credit hours upon completion of the training course. Verify your certificate by clicking on the title (100 CPD Credit Hours)

Continuous Professional Education or CPD is to ensure that further learning is progressed in a structured, practical and relevant way to guarantee that there are applied efficiencies to the learning. Our simulation Course fulfils all the Standards 

Accessible, Content, Creative, Relevant, Eligible, Detailed, Intellectual Property, Tested, Expertise, Duration. Pharmlator simulations guarantee the user ultimate benefits for pharmacist Continuous professional education.

CPD Provider

Our Company VSTEP LIMITED is  a CPD provider which meets all the aspects of Continues Professional Education training company. We are accredited CPD provider from the one top CPD accrediting entities in the field The CPD group.

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Build your CPD portfolio

Generally, when recording your Continuing Professional Development in a CPD portfolio, it should contain the following information:  

  • Date of CPD activity 

  • Title of CPD activity 

  • Brief description including learning objectives 

  • The method of learning (i.e., training course, workshop, event, eLearning) 

  • Number of CPD hours, points or credits and the overall learning outcome. 

Download your template now. 

Our Offices

Our companies

We started in the UK and expanded to the MENA. Our  company is expert in delivering

Virtual Simulation Training & Educational Program for Medical sector from where we are called VSTEP Company.

You are welcome to visit our headquarters

UK branch:


1 Sandwick close,

Fulwood, Preston 


MENA branch in the UAE


Business centre,




We’d Love to Work With You

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